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melanie Said,
May 6th, 2011 @2:54 am  

That depends on what you mean by ‘environmental scientist’.

If you want that job title, then yes, generally you need a PHd, though sometimes you can work up through a company to that title.

If you mean that you’d like to work as a scientist in the environmental field, then no, a BSc will suffice. I don’t know about the States, but in Canada there are many, many openings for people with BScs wanting to do environmental work: logging companies, fish farms, construction, mining … they all need biologists. The pay is dirt-bottom in many cases, though, and long hard hours, often in isolation.

lilabner Said,
May 6th, 2011 @3:07 am  

I would say yes, just remember when you are seeking a career, if you ain’t the lead dog the scenery never changes. Give it gusto and go for the lead dog, don’t settle for less.

Nny Said,
May 6th, 2011 @3:40 am  

Litterally, No. Depending on what job you want yes. A scientist by definition is anyone using the scientific method. In fact historically speaking most of history’s greatest scientists up and untill this century had no “degree” of any type and varying forms of education. “Environmental scientist” is a very broad term and in general use does not refer to Doctors. In fact many job positions that claim the term “environmental scientist” involve a BA or less. A local soil evalution company refers to all of it’s feild agents as environmental scientists in much the way your average auto shop refers to their mechanics as “automotive technitions”. It’s a name with no formal or universal meaning. Most of their “scientists” can get away with a general ba from a vocation school or a specific aa centering around earth sciences. Within many larger environmental science firms there are doctorate positions but generally in more specific feilds simply applied to the needs of the firm, i.e. phds in chemistry, biology, geology, etc. So in short, no you don’t need the doctorate. Question is do you want the doctorate? and wouldnt it be nice to have to be introduced as Dr.?

Professor Kitty Said,
May 6th, 2011 @4:05 am  

No you don’t need a Phd, but an environmental degree (BSc) would be good. I know many enviros the only have degrees

May 6th, 2011 @4:08 am  

Certainly to have any effect on anything, you should have something like a Masters at least. Although one might observe that being a Hollywood-politician will do.

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