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WiseAdvisor Said,
April 8th, 2011 @2:20 am  

NO.GRE score is just one of the many criteria that the universities will look for when performing an admission decision. GRE score just tell them whether you are good at maths and verbal communication. It does not carry any relevance to your course that your going to pursue(unless you take a GRE subject test).

Recommendations are an important component of your application that will greatly decide your chances of admission. Statement of Purpose (SOP), your resume, your grades in undergrad (whether it is consistent or not) also play an equally important role in the admission process.

If you have a low score in GRE, but a good recommendations,SOP and resume, the chances of admission is more compare to a high GRE score, not so good recommendation , SOP and resume.

since you have some experience in teaching, it will carry great importance (especially when you apply for graduate studies).

For recommendations, you can approach your current supervisors. Tell them that you need a good recommendation letter. Your recommender should be able to provide positive feedback about you.It does not matter whether you are working in same field as your intended course of study. As long as your recommender speaks good things about you, it will definitely enhance your application

All the best for your admission

Spherical Cow Said,
April 8th, 2011 @2:39 am  

I’m assuming you’re going for an MS in CS. A high GRE score won’t help you much. Just make sure you don’t bomb it. 750 quantitative and 550 verbal are enough and anything higher is just an ego boost.
The subject test is a different story and if you score well on that 90%+ it may open doors for you. This is the standard advice for CS majors and my own experience confirms this.

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