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Ryemtl Said,
May 17th, 2011 @3:19 pm  

Hi! The answer depends on where you intend to study, since education is regulated at the provincial level. Primary education and elementary education are the same thing and you will see both terms used (as opposed to secondary education, which is high school). Most Canadian universities have an education program, and you may be able to find a few teaching colleges.

International student fees will set you back around $8000 and up for a semester but again, it all depends on which school you choose. You would also have to obtain a student visa before you come. Did you say you’re a Canadian citizen? Your question confuses me a little on that point.

The cost of living varies (again, depending on where you choose, sorry if this is redundant). You could budget $500/month for rent and that should be plenty, you can pay less if you share an apartment. Most Canadian students in larger cities will rent apartments but dorms are more common in smaller university towns. When looking to rent a place, find out if heating/electricity is included as that can add quite a bit to your costs if it’s not. Then also factor in food, transportation, school books and whatever else you regularly buy. Canadian education is less expensive than in the States and the cost of living is lower than in the British Isles.

Good luck :)

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