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PE2008 Said,
November 16th, 2010 @12:51 pm  

Neither DeVry nor Kaplan are good for online Business degrees (and don’t even think about U of Phoenix…).
Consider the following public “purely online” schools:

Athabasca U
Excelsior College
Western Governors U

Another alternative is to take an online degree from a traditional “brick and mortar” school which also offers degrees online.

Sophia Said,
November 16th, 2010 @1:44 pm  

You seriously shouldn’t consider giving money to one of those places. You need to wake up, do some research and realize that those places are scams, pure and simple. Any school that is “for-profit” (like Kaplan, University of Phoenix, DeVry.. etc.) just takes your money and gives you a worthless degree that no employer would respect. It would actually be a stain on your record that you were gullible enough to get scammed by them. If you want to get a degree online then you’d have to go through your local state university.

cclepew Said,
November 16th, 2010 @1:49 pm  

If you have to get your degree online, look into state colleges/universities and see what they offer online. You will get a better education, you will save a ton of money on tuition, and future employers won’t laugh at your resume.

Vaiveahtoish Said,
November 16th, 2010 @2:00 pm  

I don’t see that there is ill about going to the the colleges that you have mentioned. My friends have gone to Devry and they never talked about any scams or any sort of that. Infact now they are on descent jobs. So in my opinion never blame on things around you its you who make the difference. No one pushes anyone to go to any school its the person itself who may decide his/her school or college. On the contrary if you itself are talented enough than no one can stop you from getting successful in your life. So best of luck and study hard.

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