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tokayman321 Said,
January 7th, 2011 @3:09 pm  

Get a good book and program and start studying NOW. You cannot do what you did in college by waiting until the week before finals to cram for an exam to promptly forget everything.

There are courses in how to take standardized exams. One mistake people make is to try to answer the questions in the order presented. I always looked for three types of questions.

1) The ones I know the answer to – mark them on the answer sheet immediately and do NOT change them

2) The ones I had no idea about – make the guess – mark them as a guess and leave them alone unless something in the test clearly gives you a better answer

3) The ones I could figure out. After I had answered the first two kinds, I counted these, looked at the time left and allotted time for the questions leaving 10-15 minutes for final guessing.

4) Check to be sure you did not get out of sequence when transferring the answers.

Get a great grade!

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