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pero?agni Said,
February 9th, 2011 @3:09 pm  

what reminder?
those who think they would succeed out there would face any consequences
who knows what kind of life they experienced having no financial means thus it is their burning desire to earn more so as not to experience again what they suffered before.
even soldiers know when they are sent on combat missions, they may never make it back alive but they still have to go.
oh, yes!
thank you for the concern

??? ?? ?? Said,
February 9th, 2011 @4:05 pm  

any first timer would definitely go through seminar with the POEA, even though, they acknowledge the risks involved. working in another country has risks, esp in middle east. not that i’m racist or anything but the stories of the domestic helpers in saudi and with their “owners” are just horrifying. you would literally see their tears coming out as we wait in line inside the POEA while they tell their experiences. The point is, they are still there, in the POEA, they will still be lining up and going abroad, despite the treatment they’d received, they say it’s a sacrifice they are willing to give for their children to have a better life. That’s what happens in POEA, everyday. Not even counting those who are working in other countries illegally. it’s not such a dream, but maybe they are willing to take the nightmare in exchange for their families’ dream.

rohan Said,
February 9th, 2011 @4:14 pm  

the instinct of an OFW is to find work and earn as much as heshe can in order to send money to hisher family. its reality that Filipinos earn more when they go abroad. if they stay in the Philippines they can only provide a little to their families as you obviously know that the salaries in Pinas is smaller than what they get abroad.

Inpeach Said,
February 9th, 2011 @4:38 pm  

PNoy should stop sending Domestic Helpers to other countries , I don’t care where as long as not as domestic helpers. Our OFW domestic helpers are not really experienced maids here but low self esteem and under qualified nursing , teachers , accounting grad, business management grads, etc. Thats why when they go to other countries as domestic helpers , they could not work properly since its not what they are used to and has no experience on being told what to do . It doesn’t mean you know how to cook , wash clothes etc ,at home , you could be a maid. This is the reason why most domestic helpers abroad under go so much hardships (not including harsh employers) and emotional pain , they could not handle being a maid.These employers pay so much money and government security bonds and they would expect our OFW domestic helper to know and care for what they are paid to do , but if you have inexperience employees , what do you have ? Our Engineers , nurses , doctors and other professional OFW’s don’t undergo these hardships because they are experienced,and professional enough to understand that they are paid handsomely , so they have professional maturity and have understood what they signed for and their pay is commensurate to their knowledge and experience. They are validated unlike the Teachers and Nurses who becomes domestic helpers , they could not swallow their pride even with “higher pay ” than what they could get as teachers here , that they are being told what to do by an foreign employer who may not have achieve the diploma they have .

im_roxie Said,
February 9th, 2011 @5:36 pm  

the filipino dream is to get out from poverty and help the family have a better life, that is why a family member is impelled to go abroad to work. what they earn in other countries is bigger than what they use to earn while working here in Pinas.

its not easy working abroad because you are away from the people you love, the people around you speaks other languages, and the loneliness that you feel. but still, OFWs thinks of giving a good life to their families.

February 9th, 2011 @5:56 pm  


John Jackson Said,
February 9th, 2011 @5:59 pm  

If the Philippine government would stop stuffing their pockets with money long enough to help the Philippine economy, then they wouldn’t have to leave the country to get a decent job. They could get their ‘dream’ job close to home and take care of their families properly like most people in the world do. If the government wants to line their suit’s with money, why don’t they just build up the economy first, then they’d have more money to stuff in their pockets.

Android Said,
February 9th, 2011 @6:50 pm  

You’re question is half correct. Rather, it should focus on how to make them stay. If you’ve never been on even half a pair of their shoe, then you’ll never know. It’s been like this for the last twenty years and it will continue for another twenty or more. They’re over there building other economies and countries while their homeland is being neglected. There’s really no other logical choice for them. They’re brave at the same time crazy.

Pres. Aquino has been talking about these things, but it’s all talk and no action.

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