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Rashiida S Said,
February 20th, 2011 @6:51 am  

you should take as many computerized practice exams as you can, since the strange format of the exam is often what freaks people out the most. you can get free tests from the mba dawt cawm site.

you should also get a study guide to study your weakest areas. If you take a few practice tests and can’t get more than a 500, you might want to sign up for a gmat course too.

hope that helps, good luck, and here’s a resource. I’m human, not a bot, please nobody flag me because i included a link!

Tomas G Said,
February 20th, 2011 @7:15 am  

Start by downloading the GMAT Prep software. It’s two real CAT tests, and its free from Taking one of those will give you a really good idea of where you stand score-wise.

Second, go get all three GMAT Official Guides. There is the general one, and then the smaller ones for quant and verbal. They each have different questions, and you need to get as many different questions as possible. All the questions in each book come from actual, former tests.

Last, buy some study guides. I like the Manhattan GMAT books (, but they are a bit short at times, and not necessarily written in the easiest way for self-study. Powerscore ( has books on sentence correction and critical reasoning that helped me. Here’s how I’d break it down in terms of what to get:

Verbal CR and SC: The two Powerscore GMAT Bibles that cover these topics

Verbal RC and Math: Manhattan GMAT guides for these subjects

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