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skatersanddogs Said,
October 23rd, 2010 @6:41 am  

finally a good question on here!!! Go to it is an actual high school diploma.Its like 500.00 dollars for all four years and you get to complete them at your own pace meaning you can be done in less then a year.the price is really good because my parents spent more than that on my 9th grade school books and getting registered in the local privite school.and with this you dont have to worry about that.The only thing i had a problem with is that the state of tennessee doesnt allow you to get your drivers license unless you have a paper from the school and with it being throught the internet you couldnt get that of course. OH and its easy book work and you can do the exams online.I never liked doing school work and i actually liked doing the work i was really easy and im gonna get started back on it probably next month or so….and the have payment plans I think its was only like $40 a month or something like that

busymom Said,
October 23rd, 2010 @7:34 am  

Home schooling costs as much as you, and your parents decide to spend.
It can go from free to about $1000.00 per year.
We spend less than $200.00 per year for the three children still at home.
We use Christian Liberty Press as a basic foundation, and even if you’d buy their complete curriculum, or decide to use the services of their academy it would be very affordable compared to many other programs.

Yes, you can get a high school diploma.
Your parents issue one upon completion of your home school program at your home school graduation.

You can study any subject you choose, and your parents, who are going to be your primary instructors will set the requirements for your graduation.
To find out the laws of your state go to:

You can apply at the college of your choice, and your home school diploma is valid for college admission; like any other student who graduated from a conventional school you will have to take the SAT, and ACT.

You will not be limited when you, and your parents choose the option to home school.

Here is a web site that will give you plenty of information on home schooling.

Good luck.

Hannah M Said,
October 23rd, 2010 @7:47 am  

It can be as expensive or as cheap as you want to make it. Here, there are 5 of us kids aged between 5 and 16 who homeschool and it costs my parents in the region of $200 per year for all 5 of us.

The idea of having a teacher come to your house and teach you isn’t really homeschooling. That is private tutoring and is the most expensive way you can go. I have no real idea how much that costs but I’d be very surprised if you could get it for much less than $20,000 a year.

If your parents think you should have someone to teach you then there are various correspondence schools and cyber schools where you have contact with ‘teachers’ via email, the web, fax, telephone, home visits, school camps etc.

Oh and yes you can go to college if you are homeschooled. Nowadays many colleges and universities are actively looking for students who were homeschooled. My two oldest siblings are both at Uni doing Bsc (Hons) degrees…and they were both homeschooled.

Janis B Said,
October 23rd, 2010 @7:52 am  

This in answer to your added details concerning a teacher coming to your home. This would be the most expensive way to get an education. It would be comparable to hiring a chauffeur to drive your car instead of letting your parents drive or driving yourself. It would be a luxury. The chauffeur would have an upgraded license but would not necessarily be the best driver. You could get to your destination without him/her. Many people have chauffeurs and that is their choice. I prefer to drive myself, even if I had the money for a chauffeur.
Contact the cosmetology school that you wish to attend. Ask if a GED and a good grade on a placement test would be sufficient to attend their school. We have 3 community colleges within our area. All three require entrance placement test. We know many public school graduates that are required to do remedial before they are accepted, even with their accredited public school diplomas.

glurpy Said,
October 23rd, 2010 @8:42 am  

While it pops up here and there about a teacher coming to your house, it is EXTREMELY rare and seems to be dependent on a school district. Your other option for this is to dish out the $$$$$ to pay someone to do it.

Since it doesn’t sound like your parents are going to be very invovled, it’s probably best to do some sort of online school which will give you a diploma and will offer all the courses you need. Start with and see if they have it available where you live. If so, it’s free (other than perhaps some basic school fees that public school kids in general have). If it’s not available where you live, try doing a search for _yourstate virtual charter school_ or _yourstate virtual high school_. You should also find out about independent study through your local high school–if it’s offered, you’d have your resources supplied, you’d go in to bring in assignments and to do tests, you’d get a high school diploma from that school…

If none of those are available, THEN look at places you need to pay for. There’s A Beka and Alpha Omega which come to mind first. Keystone is popular. Christian Liberty Academy is another. There are more. You just need to do a search online for _homeschool academy_ to find more.

Oh, and homeschooling doesn’t stop you from going to college. Homeschooled kids get into college all the time.

elie101_forever Said,
October 23rd, 2010 @9:25 am  

Homeschooling only costs as much as the curriculum you choose to buy. You can get really cheap curriculums or expenxsive ones. Anywhere from $20-100 I’d say is the cheapest. Sometimes you don’t even need to purchase a curriculum at all. You can get all free stuff off the web.
As for the whole diploma thing I’m not sure fi you get one, I think it all depends on the school in your area and the S.A.
Yes you can still get into a college. Your actually more likely to get into them if your homeschooled.

mca Said,
October 23rd, 2010 @10:05 am  

i currently have a child in the k12 program. I have used several online programs since we started homeschooling and so far k12 is the best by far. They will provide you with the computer, printer, books, and all the supplies you will need for school all for free. The curriculum is easy to follow and structured to fit each childs individual needs. Most times my son is finished with his work in a day in less than 4 hours. You can work ahead as well if you want. Yes you get a diploma when you graduate that is accepted by colleges the same as if you had went to public or private school.

As far as college. my oldest son graduated with an online charter school ( same as k12 ) and is now attending a private university with scholarships. So yes it works exactly the same as public schooling would. You still need the best GPA you can get ..he graduated with a 3.5 and the best score possible on your SAT’s and ACT’s.

In public school my son left with straight F’s in the 8th grade and went from that to straight A’s and B’s in online schooling. So for some it works better! As long as the student is self disciplined enough to ” do the work ” all should be fine. They still have teachers and advisors there for help just the same as a public school.

I know in some places k12 has extended their registrations so if you are going to enroll …you might want to do that right away before it closes. Once you enroll , you can immediately from public school. Fill in all the info online then take a simple placement test online and then they will contact you.

If k12 is not in your area you may want to find out which online charter school are.
If you need anything else from me, please let me know and feel free to email me.

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