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Donald B Said,
May 12th, 2011 @3:21 am  

It depends on what your son is being written up for. Some IEP’s are written because a child cannot pronounce the letter R correctly. Even a speech therapist has to have an IEP just for that but it would not take long to write it. If he is on the autistic spectrum or other complicated problems he may need many services and an IEP needs to be written up for each service. They often run into 10-15 pages. He has to analyze what the results mean. It does no good just to give you the raw score.

Elizabeth S Said,
May 12th, 2011 @3:43 am  

In some states, IEPs take at least that long to write. (I’ve seen some -especially those from NY that would take double that length of time.) If your son is doing close to so grade level work, they definetely want to compare his current work to his peers. The WJ is only so good at providing goals. The real test is what are the classmates doing and what is expected from him this year before going on to the next grade. They will also take a good long look at what worked from him during the referral process, what didn’t and what needs to be tweeked based upon IQ scores. If you have a good IEP team, ten hours is the minimum to create a draft IEP for the team to review before signing off on it.

Tracy from Jerseylicious Said,
May 12th, 2011 @4:02 am  

I would rather have a professional who took their time writing out their opinion, than some professional writing oh its just another problem child.

Make some chamomile tea and relax.

May 12th, 2011 @4:52 am  

An Individual Educational Plan (IEP), in my past experience , was written by more than one individual.
Generally the following persons were involved a special education teacher, the evaluator, a psychologist , an ESE specialist, a representative for the administration, a representative for the school district, the parent or guardian ,in some cases the student, plus others as deemed necessary. Writing the IEP was a cooperative effort. The IEP indicated who would be responsible for carrying out specifics of the IEP. Ten – fourteen hours ! NO, all testing is done, shared with the team of educators and parents who determine if an IEP is needed, If so, the Team wrote it. The IEP was not written by one person.
Having a PHD does not in itself qualify one to write an IEP or to participate in the writing of one.

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