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Danielle P Said,
March 30th, 2011 @6:38 pm  

I would plan on taking the exam the end of 2007 or the first part of 2008. You should give yourself enough time to take it again if need be.

J1 Said,
March 30th, 2011 @7:05 pm  

I graduated in Spring 2007 and am going to grad school in Fall 2007, so we are following same pattern, pretty much! I took mine in mid-November, BUT I actually regret that. I did fine, but I wish I could have had the option of retaking one of the sections. However, most of my application deadlines were for January 15th or January 1st, so I really couldn’t.

If the programs you are applying to are really competitive, I would say you should take the GRE earlier so you can get your app in earlier. Sometimes that can make the difference. I told one of my friends the same thing since his desired grad program has TWO seats, and that’s it. If the programs aren’t so competitive, later in 2007 is fine! I wouldn’t wait until January to take the GRE–you will probably have deadlines in January. You need to give the GRE people at least 6 weeks to get your scores to the schools.

Schools recommend taking the GRE no later than about November 17th, which is when I took mine. :-/ If you can, take it at the end of this summer or beginning of September. That way, you can focus on the other parts of your app. The whole process took way longer than I thought it would. I applied to 10 schools; 4 recommendations went to each school (those poor professors…), the app itself, the CV, GRE scores, 1-2 transcript copies, personal statements to each, paying the app fees–it’s much more work than you think initially. Make sure you give yourself some time. Good luck! :-)

dablest1 Said,
March 30th, 2011 @7:18 pm  

The sooner the better. I think you if you focused on taking it at the end of the summer that would be GREAT! If you have time or breaks in-between before graduating with your bach degree, then take that opportunity to start studying for it. I agree with the previous poster, the sooner you take it and get it out the way, the sooner you can put more effort in your application for the grad schools you are applying for

Good Luck!

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