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puffor Said,
February 28th, 2011 @10:35 am  

A room mate of mine said to me: “don’t worry too much about everything, it’s the math you want to focus on.”

And he sent me a link. I haven’t started studying yet but I have to. I’m probably going to dedicate a month to it and make sure I can answer a majority of those problems without hesitation.

Spherical Cow Said,
February 28th, 2011 @11:07 am  

The GRE is unlike the SAT in that with the SAT schools generally pay a lot of attention to it. The SAT is used to predict how well you’d do in college. The grad school admissions committees already have a solid idea how you’ll do at their grad school because they have your transcripts. The GRE is used mainly to weed out students who just aren’t good enough at testing. If you’re in engineering, you’ll want to make sure your quantitative score is at least 750. If you’re in the humanities, you’ll want your verbal score to be at least 600 and so on. Common advice, which I’ve found to be true, is that a low score will keep you out but a high score won’t get you in. Although, if you do score highly you might get additional first-year funding after you’re admitted.

Go to ETS’ website and download their free GRE practice test and take it as soon as possible. Then find the programs you want to apply to and find the average scores of accepted applicants. If you make it, then congrats, go take the thing. If not, get the Barron’s GRE book and the ETS book with more practice tests. Study the Barron’s as much as you need to, then take more practice tests until you’re confident you’ll do well enough for your program. You shouldn’t need to study more than a month or two at most.

I wouldn’t bother with anything free for studying it. The test is expensive enough, you don’t want to have to take it twice and these books really aren’t that much.

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