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Merchant of Death Said,
June 21st, 2010 @7:19 pm  

No. You’d start off as an O-1 (lowest level Officer) whether you have a bachelors or masters, but keep in mind, you actually have to be commissioned as an Officer. You have to be accepted into the program and this is based on your GPA, what your degree is in, and how many slots are available.

enchilladasrgood Said,
June 21st, 2010 @7:59 pm  

negative…. you might get extra pay, but u will not gain rank because you have a masters. You will be an officer tho.

Mr pinhead, the no spinach zone Said,
June 21st, 2010 @8:34 pm  

It will get you to Iraq or maybe Iran

Curt J Said,
June 21st, 2010 @9:02 pm  

Assuming you are only interested in a commission, you would still enter as an O-1, provided you met the age requirements, passed the physical and were selected by the selection board.

It would however, enhance your later promotability.

Aufbruch Said,
June 21st, 2010 @9:16 pm  

It’s very dependent on what your masters is in…and even then, it’s _not_ going to to get you appreciable rank like ‘officer’. At best you can expect it to grant you duties that are less likely to result in a bullet finding its way into your brain (i.e. engineering background means you’re fixing radios/tanks rather than assaulting insurgent camps)

Pretty much the only thing that’s going to “help” you get things like officer/sergeant/lieutenant” is a West Point Pedigree, and nowadays, that only helps marginally.

jeeper_peeper321 Said,
June 21st, 2010 @9:37 pm  

It will let you apply for OCS and a commission.

That doesn’t mean you will be accepted into OCS though.

If you are accepted, you will be commissioned as a 2nd Lt.

Most Officers have master degrees.

If you do not get accepted into OCS

You can enlist.

Your rank then would depend on the service branch you enlisted in.

Army – E-4
Air Force – E-3
Navy – E-3
Marine Corps – E-2

Mrsjvb Said,
June 21st, 2010 @10:24 pm  

if you enlist: E2 for Marines, E4 for Army and E3 for everybody else.

if you are offered a commission:

the only officers that come in higher than O1 are Professionals: Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, and Chaplains.. and the degree must be specific to the community.. Masters in Divinity, or MD, DVM, BSN, JD, etc.

NavyLifer Said,
June 21st, 2010 @11:20 pm  

It all depends on what your masters is in. Don’t listen to the guys that say you can’t get O-2, you can. IF you have the right masters and you get the right program. If for example you have a masters in Nursing or Environmental Health or something in the Medical area, then the Navy can bring you in as an O-2. IF you go through OCS, however, you don’t get that, you will still only get O-1. As far as enlisted, for the Navy, the highest you can come in is E-3, but it will help you as you get promotion points for a degree, up to a max of 4 for a Bachelors.

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