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mommy007 Said,
June 13th, 2011 @2:36 pm  

My husband is a teacher – he told me that transferring your license to Iowa is relatively painless… especially if you already have a license in another state and/or your degree is from an accredited school. :) He said to go the website below and you will be able to find the info you want.

Iowa is cold, and windy and beautiful in the fall and spring…. pretty similar to Kansas probably. We like living here – MOST of the time! :)

EDIT: To the guy below me… working in a high school is not something you progress to. You MUST have a secondary degree in order to teach at the high school level. There is no need to experience elementary school first. That is just silly! Do you really think that all those high school teachers out there started with a degree in elementary education and then moved “up” to a secondary degree?!?! NEWS FLASH – The salaries are the same in every school in a certain district… it doesn’t matter what grade you teach! A secondary degree is not a step “up” from an Elementary degree. It sounds like you think that secondaries degrees take more work than elementary…. have you been to college? Do you realize that you must have X amount of credits to graduate with ANY degree? WOW!!!
To the one asking the question… completely disregard the answer below mine. My husband wanted me to call the guy names for giving you such an off base and ignorant answer… but that wouldn’t be very nice.

kavurcen Said,
June 13th, 2011 @2:42 pm  

Well, if you want my honest opinion, I don’t think a secondary degree will be sufficient for most high schools with a reasonably high-set bar. If you intend to apply to teach at a school with considerably lower standards, then you should be fine. But first, I recommend you shoot to start lower and work yourself up. Many elementary schools are seeking out younger teachers for the lower grades, and if you were to get into one of the more distinguished districts then that would be an ideal start.
As the Chinese proverb goes,
“The hardest part of reaching the top of the ladder is getting through the crowd at its base.”

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