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alwaysmoose Said,
June 14th, 2011 @3:18 am  

More power to them. It’s not like they are going to use up our educational system and then go back. It benefits the country in the short run to do that.

Mom Said,
June 14th, 2011 @3:29 am  

1. It isn’t their fault their parents dragged them into the country. They’ve been here awhile, and if you arrived at 13, what do you really know of your native land vs. the USA?

2. They should not receive any financial support. There are more than enought people who are here legally who could use the money.

Although I have sympathy for the people involved, I also feel we have laws and should obey them, not reward people who did break the law.

Walter Said,
June 14th, 2011 @4:10 am  

If they’re smart enough and capable, sure. I’ve seen many American citizens who don’t take advantage of the educational opportunities that this nation offers. If they don’t want to take them, then let hard working brainiacs get a piece of the pie.

cremedelacreme04 Said,
June 14th, 2011 @5:02 am  

I think that it is inappropriate for kids of illegal immigrants to receive assistance not available to citizens or legal residents. We should encourage legal immigration rather than illegal immigration.

greeneyedijay Said,
June 14th, 2011 @5:14 am  

I think it is unlawful, one sided and judgemental for anyone to be treated differently to another person just because of their circumstances. It does not give any incentive to people to work hard to achieve things on their own. If it is good enough for illegal immigrants then it should be a standard procedure for everyone. I also hate the fact that indigenous people are given special compensation. It is down right wrong….. There is such a thing as being a nationalist; that means you are proud of your country of birth and also proud of your individual heritage.

Ben L Said,
June 14th, 2011 @5:18 am  

if they get accepted to college then then should be allowed to get college funds after all the citizen’s financial needs for education has been met.

in the long run it’s better for the economy and society

rpm53 Said,
June 14th, 2011 @5:47 am  

I read the first part of your question and without looking at what others have said,I’ll say this. As a canadian born and raised with a very close connection to this country[ i am metis] i’ll say this. No absolutely no. Illegal immagrants from anywhere should go through the process to be elligible for anything Amen.

nolyad69 Said,
June 14th, 2011 @6:11 am  

I’m against it.

We should only provide college assistance to illegal immigrants when 100% of Americans have a college degree.

MSH Said,
June 14th, 2011 @6:15 am  

They should not be eligible. RIght now, there is a limit on the amount of the “free money” and “low-cost money” available in Federal programs. Why should those who broke the law be eligible to water down the benefits of citizens? Also, such eligibility for Federal programs would also make them eligible for grants and scholarships at public and private colleges – most of which can only be given to those who are eligible for Federal programs. No, No, No! In my state, an illegal immigrant (he came here at 14 without his parents). is being sent by the child welfare agency to an out-of-state private college at a cost of $ 35,000 per year. He will only have to pay $ 500 per year. As an honor student, one of my kids is only getting $ 500 per year (from our state) – only because the student goes to one of like five other states that reciprocates and only because they were an honor student (SAT and GPA) and are dirt poor. It’s not fair!

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