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tigris Said,
April 21st, 2011 @2:59 pm  

1. decide which schools you want to apply to
2. find the website for each of the particular schools you want to apply and find out their requirements for a portfolio. Each school has probably somewhat differing requirements. Read the requirements carefully and follow them. Mostly I guess it’s CDs with images of your work or slides of them. Which means that you have to take good images of your work.
3. If you need help ask people like your art teacher to help you to select a strong portfolio from your work.
4. check out the national portfolio day association and see if they have an event at a place near you. You can go there with your portfolio and they’ll tell you it’s good or bad points.

aussien Said,
April 21st, 2011 @3:38 pm  

1. place everything in a portfolio A3 size. Evaluation is made not from the overall project but partial. I a project not everything is perfect but the person who is viewing it can see how creative you are.
2. place your sketchbooks and your finished work. The person that is viewing your work can like the final result if is not aesthetic brilliant only because you developed an excellent way of solving the project.
3. No matted no frame just as clean as possible. every one project must have its own page. clean, not crowded cause it confuses the eye of the person that will study them. Good luck

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