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EBA Said,
May 4th, 2011 @11:24 am  

as long as you’re not getting an MD, I don’t believe that there are pre-requisites for a psych program…

Gregg DesElms Said,
May 4th, 2011 @11:26 am  

Well… the PhD program, for you, is far down the road. Once you have a psych masters, you’ll be able to get either a PhD or PsyD without too much of a problem. So, for now, your problem is getting into a psych masters program.

The good news is that many psych masters programs will accept persons with unrelated undergrad degrees. I don’t really think you’re going to run into as big of a problem as you seem to be assuming you will. Trust me, there are all kinds of masters programs out there that are exactly what you want; and many of them will only care that you have an accredited undergrad degree is something… almost anything… as long as you got decent grades therein.

If you DO run into a problem, since you already have the undergrad, go find a “Post-baccalaureate Certificate (or, of you will, Diploma) in Psychology” program somewhere. That will get you your psychology chops so that a psych masters program will be more interested in you.

Hope that helps.

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