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khole12 Said,
June 30th, 2010 @2:31 am  

Decorate it natural-w/ straw, wheat, flowers. Put pictures of them on the walls, put a mat on top of a table desk to serve as a tablecloth, etc. It will cut down on stress and be conducive to peaceful learning. A plastic ficus tree or something like that will bring the outdoors in.
My son went to a Montessori school. Trust me, it will be like that! Kids, any child, have trouble learning in a “institutionalized setting.” Maybe an indoor fountain or the kids can create an indoor fountain. Put up a cork board or chalkboard where kids can express themselves by pinning/writing complaints, praise, or things they notice that need to change or just want to tell someone what they think.

justmeinthisworld Said,
June 30th, 2010 @3:23 am  

did the teachre ask her to decorate it? is it already decorated?

wht kind of class is it
behavior disorder
learnig disabled
cogntively impaired

you need to keep it age appropriate, yet academically relevant

mtwaites Said,
June 30th, 2010 @4:15 am  

If it is a high school environment then you need to keep it to age appropriate levels. For instance, you might want to have some charts up on the periodic table of elements, of manner, study habits and things like that, which sometimes people with disabilities need assistance with. But as another poster said, it is important to key into the type of disabilities that the students have whether it be SLD( severe disablities), cerebral palsy, behavorial (autism), and so on.

Good luck:)

JazzyGee Said,
June 30th, 2010 @5:07 am  

The teacher will be able to direct your sister as to how he or she wants the classroom arranged. I would suggest taht she wait until that time before working on ideas. Much depends upon the type of children that will be in the room and their individual needs. Basically, it should look like any other “generic” high school classroom.

airforcemom Said,
June 30th, 2010 @5:18 am  

It will depend on the level of the students in the class. If it is a class with students who have mild disabilities then charts to support their work in basic education classes would be appropriate (math formulas etc). If it is a class for moderate or severe disabilities, then you still want it age appropriate, but keeping with basic skills the students are working on. You could have community centers (shopping, home skills, etc). Be careful to not over-do the decorations as it may over stimulate students and make it difficult for them to concentrate on what is important. Also, be sure to check with school policy on hanging material (usually a fire code violation) or bean bag chairs/carpets (again fire code violation and hygiene concern). Check with school handbook or ask a neighboring teacher for clarification.

Setting up for instruction will be the main concern. Where to place tables for workspaces and to have the classroom flow with minimal disruptions. See the source listed below from the National Association of Special Education Teachers. Best of luck to your sister-nothing is more rewarding!

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