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Donald B Said,
January 6th, 2011 @11:23 pm  

Check and see if she can go to Community College. In California all you need is to be 18. They will give her a placement test and tell her what she needs to do. If in Ohio she needs a diploma to go to CC, then have her get a GED. The GED test cannot be done online in any state, but if she has a good background but just failed geometry, she might be able to pass. Have her take practice GED tests online.
If she will not do the necessary steps to get an education you need to give your “spoiled creature” tough love. Get a job!

OrangeD00D Said,
January 7th, 2011 @12:15 am  

My school has a program where you come in 2 and a half hours a day called “Independent Studies.” You do your work by yourself, you turn it in to a teacher every Monday and ask any questions you have.

At the end you take the final, and (if you pass), you’re done!

She should also look at Community College. That is a good place.

drip Said,
January 7th, 2011 @12:21 am  

At this age she might not be able to get her HS diploma. She may have to take the GED. First talk to your school district or the high school she went to. She can check the public library for info on GED classes and the exam. Most Community colleges have GED classes.

Roath Said,
January 7th, 2011 @12:36 am  

Sad to know what happened to you and mainly to your daughter. The main thing is it has spoiled most of her precious time. Online education is a good option for to overcome this loss of time, but then you have to take care that your daughter is taking proper classes as attending online classes seems difficult sometime as we are mainly not habitual of attending online classes. Moving to online schools you can visit as it provides online education and also is nationally accridated from NAPHS, and do have various courses where your daughter can choose one of her interests

aztecs950 Said,
January 7th, 2011 @12:53 am  

there are many online high school programs available that will be able to assist your daughter in graduating. Many online high schools give students the opportunity to complete their high school education without having to deal with other “high school issues” I found that is a great site that discusses more about online high school programs and information you can use to determine if an online high school program is right for your daughter.

Andy Said,
January 7th, 2011 @1:40 am  

You can easily compare info about these schools in this site –

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