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drip Said,
April 26th, 2011 @6:48 pm  

There is very little in the way of financial aid for international students here in the US.

go on any university web site to see what scholarships they offer and what the requirements are for them.
go to admissions to see requirements for international students.

Rae Said,
April 26th, 2011 @7:47 pm  

There is very little financial aid for international students in the US. And there is barely any financial aid for any students going to graduate school. Almost all financial aid is for undergrads.

neniaf Said,
April 26th, 2011 @8:34 pm  

Both of the prior responders are incorrect. This would be true if you were applying for an undergraduate or master’s degree, but not for a Ph.D. Most Ph.D. students at reasonably good universities in the U.S. get tuition remissions and stipends (not scholarships), which cover the cost of the program. After the first year, usually, you would be expected to work either as a teaching or a research assistant for that stipend, but as long as you complete your program in a timely manner, it would usually be free for you. There is generally no distinction made between domestic and international students at the Ph.D. level.

My only concern is that, with 55%, your marks may not be strong enough to allow you to pursue a program at a good university. One generally needs to be among the best of undergraduate students to be considered.

I forgot to include how the process works: You will need to take the GRE and apply for the programs in which you are interested. If they accept you, they will tell you what sort of financial aid you might be offered. Financial aid is offered by the program itself, not separately, so there is no need to apply separately for scholarships.

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