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i_come_from_under_the_hill Said,
February 24th, 2011 @2:51 pm  

Most school districts still offer these services to students with special needs. It is actually required by law in many states (not sure if that’s true for all of them). Often, the service is provided throught he department of education, but not through the school itself. I am legally blind, and we homeschooled all throughout my high school years (I’m a sophomore in college now). I still received orientation and mobility lessons and braille instruction through my state’s Vocational Rehabilitation Division of Blind Services, part of the Department of Education. These and other services are generally available to all disabled citizens, children and adults alike, if they are needed,

If, for what ever reason, a homeschooling family doesn’t want to deal with the DOE or their local school, they will sometimes seek out services at their source and go to the agencies or professionals that provide the services directly, but this can be costly, and it really isn’t always necessary.

Robin816 Said,
February 24th, 2011 @3:16 pm  

Hi, you are right that the home schooled child is able to get special services. This is a federal law. This is handled through your school district.
A great resource for any special needs educational issues is “Wrightslaw” you can go to or get one of their books. They are a step by step guide for parents of kids with special needs. They will answer your questions, save you time and money. They go into great detail about homeschooling.
Good luck!

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