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CoachT Said,
March 26th, 2011 @6:46 pm  

I like this a lot better than the GRE and scored exceptionally high on it.

It’s not just analogies, those analogies relate directly to content knowledge in a variety of fields. You’ll find things like:

Seated Bather is to Renoir as _____________ is to Botticelli.
53460 square feet is to acre as ____________ is to is to mile.

It’s not as easy as one would think if you don’t have a very broad education. There’s no good way to study for it, just concentrate and be sure to analyze the questions.

Remember, all grad programs won’t take this for entrance. Ed and arts programs seem to like it. Business programs seem to not like it and prefer the GMAT.

Ideally, take the MAT, GRE, and GMAT and find out where your real strengths and weaknesses are.

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