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mal.nabanita Said,
December 13th, 2010 @11:04 am  

Please search

Curious_Yank_N_Korea Said,
December 13th, 2010 @11:10 am  

If you are referring to Austin Community College, the teacher is Diana M. Withers. She is the Adjunct Assistant Professor of Speech Communication there. She also teaches PCM, Personal Computer by Modem. She is awesome, sign up and enjoy. She offers Speech 1311 and Speech 1315 online.

Nazma H Said,
December 13th, 2010 @11:56 am  

mal.nabanita is a crook… big fraud. Look at all his/her answers. This person seems to be from India. He/She would visit a particular section and then give the same answer to each question: “”

Whenever this person visitis the category of Indian tourism the answer to each question is either:

“” or “”

For answers to the questions in sub-categories in India, the answer would be:

“” or “” etc

This is just the ridiculous way of earning points and violates the yahoo community rules and very irritating too. I have ereported this to yahoo but it seems they are more worried about being takenover by Microsoft.

Please people, let’s all report this person mal.nabanita to yahoo so he/she can be blocked and prevented from ruining this community.

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