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Maria Said,
December 29th, 2010 @3:06 pm  

As long as you qualify for financial aid, it will cover your tuition regardless of whether you are on campus or not. I take half of my classes online and FA pays for those as well.

LovetheLORDfirst Said,
December 29th, 2010 @3:21 pm  

Of course! You just have to enrolled in a certain minimum amount of hours, generally 6, for it to cover. God bless!

Pat Said,
December 29th, 2010 @3:32 pm  

FAFSA is NOT a financial aid program – it is a government form that schools use to determine how much federal aid you are eligible for. That aid may come in the form of loans or scholarships, depending on your financial situation.

Schools take the info from the FAFSA determination and then decided what financial aid to offer you.

jps Said,
December 29th, 2010 @3:39 pm  

ya they pay but its very long process ………….to know more about fafsa


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Wally Said,
December 29th, 2010 @4:01 pm – try this site. It has info about different US scholarships for college students and their grades requirements.

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