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Sabel Z Said,
February 22nd, 2011 @6:44 pm  

My cousin are homeschooled and it sucks but now they wont know how to do like group projects or anything. man they even says it sucks.

YourDaddy Said,
February 22nd, 2011 @7:20 pm  

The price of supplies will vary. There’s a wide rage of prices depending on what curriculum you choose. You can probably get your books for anywhere from a hundred to thousands of dollars. If you can locate some other homeschoolers someone may be willing to part with some used books. Homeschoolers are usually pretty good about helping each other like that. You will need to still have one working parent or some source of income, because nobody is going to pay you to teach your own kids. I was homeschooled all through school, and the A-Becca books from Pensicola Christian College were the best of any I used. Some will try to claim that your kids will not develope socially or be able to excell in college, but making such claims simply shows their ignorance. I am doing well in college, working as a diesel mechanic, and have more friends than I have time for. You should also look into the laws in your state. Some states have regulations on homeschooling, and others have none at all. You may also want to consider joining the Homeschool Legal Defence Fund. They have hepled a lot of familes when corrupt social workers tried to have the parents arrested. I don’t know their website, but just do a google.

micheletmoore Said,
February 22nd, 2011 @7:50 pm  

First you need to know the law for your area. Some areas, like Texas where I am, are VERY easy to homeschool in. Others require a certified teacher and have curriculum and schedule requirements. So go on to this web site and find the law for where you are. See if you can work within the guidelines.

As “Your Daddy” said the supplies for homeschooling really does vary. The cheapest way I have found is by using if it is available in you state. It is actually public school taught at home, and is either free or less than $100 per year and they will even loan you a computer and help pay for internet expenses. But it runs with the normal school year and your child still has to take the standardized tests that he/she would take in school. The next least expensive complete curriculum I have found is Alpha Omegas Switched on Schoolhouse. It cost about $225 per year plus electives. There is a free placement test available to take on the computer so you buy the correct year of math or language arts in case your child is ahead or behind. Here is the link for that We are currently using this for my 8 year old and I have a friend using it for her 8th grader. It has worked pretty well for both of us. We talked to people at our area homeschool store and they had highschoolers that enjoyed it as well. There have been a few kinks, but the program has allowed us to modify it to do what works for us. From there is goes up to over $1000 per year depending on what your choose. Consider going to a Homeschool Convention and looking around.

You do not get paid money for teaching your children, but they time with them, the relationship that you will develope by spending time with then and getting to know them, and the assurance that they have a good education and are prepared for life are rewards beyond measure.

Here are links to all the sites I have that may supplement the curriculm you choose or give you some worksheets to work on until you choose your curriculm.

Other than that, if you have any more questions feel free to email. Good Luck.

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