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Crikey a Wild Ski Bum Said,
January 17th, 2011 @10:21 pm  

community colleges (2 years) give you an associate’s degree. It’s a very easy and usually worthless degree.

Universities (4 years) will give you a bachelor’s degree. You do NOT need an associate’s degree to get a bachelor’s.

IshKay Said,
January 17th, 2011 @10:36 pm  

No you do not need a associates degree before bachelors degree. Associate degree is achieved by going to a 2 year college whereas bachelors is 4 year college. Now it depends if you want to go to 2 years college first (get associate degree) and then go to a 4 year college and complete 2 years their to get bachelors degree. It’s your choice. Some people just attend a 4 years college and just get bachelors whereas other get their associate first.

kariba Said,
January 17th, 2011 @11:07 pm  

You do not need an Associates degree before getting your bachelor’s. Some colleges require you to take certain classes before being able to take more advanced classes, such as you may have to meet some educational business requirements before being allowed to take advanced business classes. Online colleges very rarely require an Associates degree. Often times these classes will not transfer to other colleges, so just be sure to look into that! Good luck!

Xeon Said,
January 17th, 2011 @11:29 pm  

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Elima Vnn Said,
January 18th, 2011 @12:05 am  

Dear an Associates degree (often referred to as an A.A.) is typical a two year degree providing a more general education. Sometimes the topic of the degree is more specific (i.e. Networking), but a two year Associates degree in Business would be much more general than say a four year bachelor’s degree in business. You need a high school diploma (typically) to start an Associates.
A bachelor’s degree is a four degree that provides a more detailed education in a field. You can earn a bachelor’s of arts (B.A.), science (B.S. or B.Sc depending on your country) or any other number of other bachelor’s degrees. You need a high school diploma (typically) to start a bachelor’s degree. If you have an Associates degree, often times you can transfer credits from your Associates to help take away some of the requirements of a bachelor’s and shorten the time it takes to complete one.
A master’s degree is a one, two, or three year degree that is even further specialized. You need a bachelor’s degree to complete a master’s degree. You could earn any number of master’s degrees but popular ones are master’s of art (M.A.) and master’s of business administration (M.B.A.). You are typically pretty serious about your career if you’re looking at a master’s degree.
If you still want more school after your master’s degree you can go on for a doctoral program (often a PhD). These are often three to five years in length. You would normally teach or do research after your completion of this degree and you would be considered an expert in your field.

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