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wolf_whitefeather Said,
June 2nd, 2011 @3:23 pm  

Helped me
while I did go on to college and a masters
like many I had to work my way through it.
I learned wielding in high school so rather than flip burgers I had a good paying job.

never did need that student loan…

lislan30 Said,
June 2nd, 2011 @4:01 pm  

I think that it is a good idea to give high school students more practical classes. I really enjoyed the ones that I took while in school and it has helped tremendously. How do you know what you might want to do if you’ve never really tried it?

Spikey007 Said,
June 2nd, 2011 @4:44 pm  

I don’t think you can try accounting if you want to be an accountant because a lot of firms either don’t have the time to have you for work experience or their work is private and highly confidential and won’t let you do work experience at all. However we did study accounting in years 11 and 12 so thats how I liked it. Some accounting firms do take you when you’re in yr 12 but you have to apply for it and is veru difficult to get into because they only take 1 out of many people who apply for it. I don’t think Career and Technical Education should be taught to high school students. They’re just too young and should keep going with high school subjects. They need as many as they can to build their knowledge for when they take on the career and Technical Education later.

firemedicgm Said,
June 2nd, 2011 @5:43 pm  

As a college instructor who taught a lot of career and technical training to high school students, I will say that the most important courses students need to take comes back to the basics:

4 years of math
4 years of English/composition
4 years of science

In general, these skills are very weak (at best) in our high school students. Nearly all of my students turn in research papers filled with sentence fragments, misspellings, and incorrect punctuation. When I put an expression on the board like “25 + 17″ and everyone reaches for their calculators, I get furious. These are skills that should be second-nature to high school seniors.

We are all responsible for their failures. There are teachers that don’t care enough, and just want to get the students through another year of school. Many parents don’t take time to be involved in their children’s studies, and the kids view this as a sign of apathy. If Mom and Dad don’t care about their grades, why should the kids care?

dexter Said,
June 2nd, 2011 @6:11 pm  

DITTO to all firemedicgm said. I too am an educator.

Cookie777 Said,
June 2nd, 2011 @7:04 pm  

I think those are all useful courses. This is coming from someone who has two degrees, one in English and one in psychology, who had to learn business and work skills in a hands-on way.

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