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eri Said,
December 16th, 2010 @6:37 pm  

In my program we consider someone as having completed the PhD successfully when they pass their defense. Even if they have revisions to do, if they pass the defense they’re fine. The revisions are never major if the defense is successful – usually something they can fix in the next week before turning it in.

CoachT Said,
December 16th, 2010 @7:28 pm  

Properly: You are only a _____ (inlcuding PhD) when the university in question confers the degree. You’re not one when you pass the last class/defense or even at the commencement (unless that’s the conferral as well) – you are one when the university says you are and not a minute before.

For all real practical purposes: you’re done when you’ve completed all of the requirements and there’s no question that the university is in the process of awarding the degree.

Understand – a ceremony isn’t required at all. That’s just pomp and circumstance. What makes you a [whatever] is that the university said (in writing) that you are. That doesn’t require a ceremony. I have an MBA (it’s been conferred already and I have transcripts and a diploma) even though the ceremony hasn’t happened yet. I’m already 1/4 through another degree.

If he’s “passed with revisions” – he hasn’t “passed” yet unless the revisions have been accepted and approved. But, we all know he’s really done. Those revisions can’t be all that much.

Whether your guy is “jumping the gun” depends on how he’s using it. There’s no reason for students not to get used to calling him “Dr.” now. He’d be remiss though if he’s applying for new jobs claiming the degree as conferred already – but there’s no reason he can’t claim the degree with clarification that it doesn’t confer until xxx date.

valvenus Said,
December 16th, 2010 @7:59 pm  

What a stupid question! Why do you care anyway, let the dude call himself whatever he wants. Get a fricken clue dude.

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