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Real Grit Said,
February 25th, 2011 @3:04 am  

You can’t afford to ignore either.

banjaran Said,
February 25th, 2011 @3:36 am  

What Digvijay have done for schools …these minster only criticise each other .

But this is true that for education every thing is necessary like basic schools,basic education to higher education as well as opportunity for job..

But somehow i feel Kapil Sibbal is on right track.

Raj Kish Said,
February 25th, 2011 @4:01 am  

Any education minister worth his salt would not and should not concentrate on only one aspect of learning.Higher education would not be possible without the basic school education.So the question of shifting focus from one to the other is a lopsided way of administering the education portfolio.It is interesting to note that Indian institutions do not figure among the top 50 in the world.The first Indian institution is placed at over 185 and a few others are placed between 450 to 500 .That alone reflects very sadly on the quality of education being imparted in even in colleges considered the best in the country.Not only is it shameful but it shows to what extent education from pre-primary to the doctoral level in our India has been commercialised and quantified at the cost of quality.The whole Education Ministry needs to be completely overhauled with all organisations like the AICTE,Medical Council of India etc.being given the sack and qualified educationists being inducted to determine whether a proposed institution merits approval.All approvals must be given only after full infrastructure is shown to be available in the college before they are approved and allowed to be affiliated to a reputed university.All deemed universities should have their approvals withdrawn.Any medical or engineering or professional/vocational training college should be not be permitted to admit students till the committee of eminent educationists approves.The entire fee structure of these colleges should be fixed by a qualified team of Chartered Accountants and other qualified people not connected with any political outfit or government or politicians.All colleges owned and operated by education barons and other illiterate private bodies and operators should be nationalised.Unless some such drastic steps are initiated Indian Education will continue to be third rate when compared with the rest of the world.And unqualified people like Digvijay Singh should be asked not to poke their noses where not wanted.Any comment they make,then they should be sacked from the party.
Have an Excellent Day.

MS - Believe in Ek Oankaar Said,
February 25th, 2011 @4:35 am  

Knowing Mr. Digvijay Singh personally and closely I don’t pay attention to what he says. Since he lost elections in MP elections a decade back he himself being a qualified engineer to a 5th fail politician Uma Bharati, I think he has lost his balance and his all the statements are out of focus.

Mr. Kapil Sibel is Minister of Human Resource Development, his ministry includes two departments, Department of School Education and Literacy and Department of Higher Education. So saying that Mr. Sibel needs to shift focus from higher education to development of schools is out of my understanding.

Mr. Digvijay Singh who himself was Chief Minister for two terms must know that maximum government schools that are in pathetic shape are state board schools not central board schools, most of the central schools are in far better shape than state run schools, someone should ask Mr. Singh to advice state chief ministers to provide better infrastructures in the state run schools, and he being general secretory of congress can start it from Congress run states to set example.

Mr. Sibel is bringing reforms on all the levels, may it be primary education, may it be secondary educations or may it be higher education. He is making efforts and things will not change in a day. He took charge an year back, he found problems, and is trying to resolve them, for example he saw that their are several regulatory bodies for University and he abolished them and now there is only one. He also abolished board exams for 10th, he brought in grade system. How about Right to education?

I would say, if you cannot contribute, at least do not become hurdle in the way of others. There are few ministers in present cabinet who are doing their job honestly and Mr. Sibel is one of them. Mr. Digvijay Singh is only playing politics.

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