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Fly On The Wall Said,
May 14th, 2011 @6:48 pm  

The GPA is great but the GREs are a little on the weakish side. Do you want clinical or experimental psych for your PhD? That matters … clinical is more difficult to get into. You need to have a major meeting with your MS advisors (even if by telephone) to talk this out and get their opinions.

amemahoney Said,
May 14th, 2011 @7:36 pm  

It also depends on what you want to do your research in. If it is a more popular area and more students apply to the program you are looking at, you are going to have to beef up your scores a bit. If there isn’t as much competition you have a better chance.

I always tell people to meet the professors of the program and try to volunteer or work in their labs if they can. This gives you a huge advantage. Also try to make sure you are working in or volunteering in the field you want to study – it looks great to have actually experience (outside of research and a lab) when you apply!

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