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bbett Said,
December 19th, 2010 @9:15 pm  

I have heard and asked about it. A friend of mine once registered for their course and it turns out that it is not as real as they say. He had to drop off because he was asked to go for the final year to Cambridge to complete his course. This is not as they say that it is a full distance learning programme.

Another nasty thing about it is that you absolutely do not know where your degree will be awarded from. It is all based on a certain passing system that will result in a degree that is from some dingy briefcase institution in Europe.

Also note that the Cambridge Intl College HAS ABSOLUTELY NO RELATIONSHIP with the famous and well established Cabridge University. This is where the catch is because marketers of the College will never say this fact and will play with the minds of the applicants to think that they will be getting a Cambridge University qualification.

I would suggest that you visit the local centre and ask them to be very open and tell you the truth about this course. Do not take my word for gospel truth. Find out for yourself.

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