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Just An Average Girl Said,
December 16th, 2010 @2:22 am  

Do you plan on taking the SATs? If not, it’s probably a definite that you won’t get into any of these schools. I would also suggest taking the ACTs again. Other than that, you sound like you would have a solid chance. It would be a shame to see someone with such credentials have everything go down the drain for a little thing like that.

RoaringMice Said,
December 16th, 2010 @2:41 am  

Your application looks really strong; but yes, your ACT is a bit low. So right now, your reach schools are Georgetown (low for them) and USC. I think you’ll get into your second choices, absolutely. And you absolutely should get into ASU. And I do believe you have a good shot at American.

You know what? I actually think you should apply to some schools (like American, btw) that consider the SAT/ACT to be optional. Places like Bard, Bennington, Holy Cross, Colby, Colorado College, Hamilton, Middlebury, Mt. Holyoke, Smith, Sarah Lawrence, Wheaton, U Texas Austin. If you’re interested in them, check them out.

mark Said,
December 16th, 2010 @3:33 am  

The ACT or SAT won’t come down to the final decision for admissions…
The test proves very little about you as a student. The EC’s you are involved in are wonderful and especially volunteer work.

Also, the GPA you have shows what kind of student you are in reality.

There are many people that get into the colleges they want with a score on a test lower than the schools recommended scores.

Rena Said,
December 16th, 2010 @4:07 am  

I was accepted Early Decision 1 at GW, and I’m currently halfway through my 1st semester, and I love it! Honestly, the admissions process seems more or less the luck of the draw. I came from an extremely small school that didn’t offer AP courses period, and only got a 25 on my ACT (GW average ACT is between 28-30). But I made up for my average ACT score with extra curricular activities and keeping a 4.0 throughout high school.

From my experience though, the chances of getting in Early Decision seem MUCH higher, especially since your application is pulled from a smaller pool of overall applicants versus waiting until the other 10,000+ students apply. Plus there are some great benefits if you are accepted Early Decision (first dibs on the dorm of your choice etc.)

Just make sure that you have good letters of recommendation, well written essays for your application, and at least one back-up school in case you don’t happen to make it into GW. For your information, though, I also was accepted into American. From what I understand, American accepts about 44% of it’s applicants, while GW only accepts round 30%.

If you have any other questions feel free to email me, I might be able to help:

Hope this helped!
2 months ago

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