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Anything can happen! Said,
December 15th, 2010 @6:23 pm  

OK, just apply. That is all i can say. You can never know.

But if i could predict:
Princeton- Good Chance/ Remember you can not transfer to this school at any time in undergrad school. If you are accepted go but if not you will not be able to attend until graduate school.
Yale- Ok Chance
Harvard- Ok Chance

Weak Parts: Counselor Rec get to know him better, and tell him a little about you before he writes a rec. Ivy Leagues are really smart and they know when someone is just doing stuff to get into the school.

It looks like you have range of different clubs there, Ivy Leagues like to see someone who is dedicated to clubs instead of someone who joins every club they can find and is just a member. (Not saying that is you at all :) }

Acceptance & Retention

* Percent applicants admitted: 10%- Princeton
Percent applicants admitted: 8%- Yale
Percent applicants admitted: 7%- Harvard

Just apply and see you might get into one, two or even all three of those school. Just apply, pray and hope for the best. :) If not you have 4 more ivy leagues to choose from: Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown, UPenn, and Columbia. And top tier schools: Stanford, Williams, UCLA, Berkeley, and others. Plus there is over 200+ universities in the US to pick from. Dont limit yourself to just the top schools. Good Luck! I hope you get in!

christa hummel Said,
December 15th, 2010 @6:25 pm  

There are lots of reputable internet university options around. You can start checking out a website to find out which one best meets your needs.

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