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Topanga? Said,
February 11th, 2011 @6:27 pm  

You have to have an assosiate before you can have a bachelors. Thats what core courses are basically…associate degree. And you have to get pre reqs out of the way before you can start courses in your major anyways. thats just the way it is. your on the right track

Emily M Said,
February 11th, 2011 @6:41 pm  

It depends on the policies of the university that would be granting the bachelor’s degree. It may or may not permit transfer of credits from the college where you earned you associate’s degree.

Donald B Said,
February 11th, 2011 @6:47 pm  

Possibly some do, but most colleges do not require an associates degree before a BA. They just look at the courses you have taken and give you credit for them or not. An Associates Degree is new degree which was designed for students to have a degree designation after 2 years of college. It means nothing if you get your BA. For instance on a resume you would not list an AA, BA, MA &Phd (if you had all of them) You would only list the last 3. If you have finished your pre reqs, then find out what lower division courses your university will accept for your BA.

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