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koreansuperman859 Said,
December 12th, 2010 @6:23 pm  

Sure. People even get master’s in something they didn’t even get a minor in sometimes. The undergraduate degree will certainly help, and it will give you a head start as well. If you do not have college credit for certain economic courses, you will be required to take them before you go into the courses required for the Master’s. This is determined by the graduate school and they are simply pre-requisites. Most are usually covered in an undergraduate program, but if you haven’t had them yet then you can always take them. You will probably satisfy some of them with the minor. You just need to look at the graduate school program you are interested in and see what the pre-requisites are. The ones you do not satisfy before grad school will have to be taken first thing once you get there before you dive into the rest of the grad program.

OrangeKitten Said,
December 12th, 2010 @7:08 pm  

Note that econ at the grad level is more concerned about your analytical ability. They want to see a heavy courseload in math over anything else (even over econ). This is as grad econ programs depart from the social science textbook approach and become much more scholarly, focusing on research which is practically entirely quantitative. So basically, you would need the math background up to the differential equation level and preferably higher.

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