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Tamara K Said,
July 9th, 2010 @3:16 pm  

Yes, you can get a masters unrelated to your bachelors, no problem!

Mike Said,
July 9th, 2010 @3:44 pm  

You can get a masters in another field, yes. Usually you have to have proper preparation, but often that just means they’ll want you to take a years worth pof undergrad classes in the field of your masters. If the field is related to your old field, you usually wont even need that. For example, your English degree would qualify you for many linguistics programs.

Thomas M Said,
July 9th, 2010 @4:36 pm  

Yes, but you will usually need a reasonably solid background in that field. There are also some master’s programs set up specifically for people like you, but you’ll have to look around for them.

MBA seeker Said,
July 9th, 2010 @4:43 pm  

You can get a masters in anything you want. Getting accepted into the college that will let you study is another issue.

With that being said, the more technical fields such as engineering and science will probably require you to have a very techical background. Meaning if you want to get a masters in nuclear engineering, its probably a requirement that you have a BS in nuclear engineering.

With other master degrees such as MBA, law, medicine, or any other liberal arts, they don’t depend on the undergrad degree as much.

gengidashiell Said,
July 9th, 2010 @4:49 pm  

You could theoretically get your graduate degree in anything; most graduate programs do not require that you have a degree in the same discipline. However:

- some recommend it. For example most Master’s of Psychology programs highly recommend that you have a BA or BS in Psychology. My Master’s in Sociology program recommended a BA in Soc, but it wasn’t required.

- some will require more if you don’t have it. Psychology and natural science programs are famous for this. If you don’t have a BA or BS in the field, you have to have at least an understanding of the field, as evidenced by taking some undergrad courses. This might require some classes at a community college or 4 year institution before you are granted admission (some colleges will give provisional admission provided you finish the prereq courses before a certain time period. Johns Hopkins School of Nursing does this, for example)

- some will give you advanced standing for it. Master’s of Social Work (MSW) programs commonly provide people with BSW’s advanced standing, meaning they have to take less classes than someone with absolutely no social work background..

- some will require a lot of coursework. Some graduate level Master’s language programs will require you to practically take “pre-req” courses that equal a degree, so it almost behooves you to go back and get a second bachelor’s in the language.

Overall, most programs aren’t too terribly persnickety about the undergrad and the grad major matching up; it will give you an edge possibly, but that’s more dependent on how well you did undergrad, truthfully.

Good luck.


eri Said,
July 9th, 2010 @4:57 pm  

It depends on the field. Some, like a financial degree, might not require previous coursework. Others, like science or engineering, require a BA/BS in that field of study because the masters starts at a much higher level.

hollinshermione Said,
July 9th, 2010 @5:25 pm  

Absolutely. In fact, some programs (especially in the humanities) welcome diversity by admitting non-majors. Usually, however, your undergrad major must be related in some way. For instance, a communications major could easily enter an English program, and vice versa. Or you could get a more general degree such as a law degree or an MBA. Another way to choose a different field is to get an MA in your minor area. Most schools do require at least minor or equivalent record of study for the master’s field you’re entering.

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