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Unknown Said,
May 6th, 2011 @3:12 pm  

Some communtiy colleges do have dorms. You should find one in your state and attend there. Yes, you can dorm when you go to a university. It’s not like they are going to tell you no. Even older folks (in their 50′s) can live in dorms if they are college students.

Kenster Said,
May 6th, 2011 @3:13 pm  

More than likely no. Normally when you finish a 2 yr. degree you are a sophomore. So, if you went to a 4 yr Uni. afterwards, you’d start out as a junior. They normally stay in housing outside of campus. I personally am not a big fan of dorm rooms. The camaraderie is nice to have – sometimes you just want your own privacy. If you wish to have this ‘experience’ just find a roommate or 2 who may already have a house and share the rent.

Kristin Said,
May 6th, 2011 @3:42 pm  

I can answer this question! I went to a community college for my first year of college education and when I transferred I lived in the dorms for the remaining 3 years of college and had a great time. YOu will also spend less money living in the dorms than you will in an apartment there are numerous reasons why (dorm meal plans, no water bills, electric bills, gas bills, or maintenance fees). Any one who tells you differently sure was not paying the bills. Look into large state universities when you transfer to a 4 year school they will have the most housing and you will most likely be able to live in the dorms there. Also a state university in your home state will cost far less than a private school or an out of state school and will give you a good education. Finally good for you making the responsible decision to go to a community college for the first 2 years of school and not taking out massive loans! I hope this helps good luck with school! KG

E.H. Said,
May 6th, 2011 @3:55 pm  

I personally did not care much for the dorm rooms except for the convenience of being right on campus and not having to worry about driving and finding a parking space. But then, I am a very quiet, non-partying student at need a lot of time to myself, so sharing a room was not fun for me. But if you want to live in the dorms, it may be possible to do so, even as a junior, at least at some schools. Keep in mind that priority on-campus housing goes to freshmen, and whatever is left over after they are housed goes to sophomores and the rest of the upper-classmen. I applied for on-campus housing for my junior year and was offered a spot, but I declined it as it was only my backup and I was already meeting with potential roomates for an off-campus apartment. I do know one or two people who lived on-campus for their junior year who were not RAs, but most students move off-campus by their junior year.

So once you begin applying for 4-year universities, I recommend calling the residence life office and asking about whether or not it is possible for you to get a room on campus and if so, how do you go about applying for it.

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