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rahar Said,
March 14th, 2011 @6:45 pm  

Good to know that you are such a concerned father ……
Well IITs and BITS in India offer M.Sc Economics. in IITs it is like there is no flexibility to carry on engineering or any other course with M.Sc.
where as in BITS people do get engineering along with the M.Sc degree.
So if just doing M.Sc is your aim then getting an M.Sc seat at the top IITs should be the top most priority. If you want your daughter to get atleast an overview of the other fields then getting her to do at BITS would be the preferred option.

What I feel if that by saying that you want your daughter to do PHD in eco. implies you have decided her 7 years already. I guess this should not be the case……let her decide what she feels like doing. Let her think of possible career fields. Let her atleast gain an overview of other fields too…if then she gets interest in PHD in eco. then well and good.
Moreover getting seat in both IITs and BITS is not an easy task. So get her to prepare well for the exam
All the best !

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Tangent Said,
March 14th, 2011 @7:44 pm  

If the end goal is a PhD in economics you should not worry too much about pre-PhD economics training. Just make sure she takes the basic courses and maybe some econometrics. What you should do is make her take as much math as possible. In my experience, the kids who can do math do much better in econ PhD programs than the kids that could do econ prior to entering the program.

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