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Steve D Said,
March 7th, 2011 @2:33 am  

Yes you can and yes it will.

Just be careful when trying to move from community college to a full 4-year college as all credits might not transfer in all situations. Many private 4-year schools are hard-nosed when it comes to transferring credits within a major, preferring that you take all the courses for your major at their school. You will probably have better chances of transferring all your credits going from a community college to a state school (for example, in Maryland, almost all credits transfer, and the ones that don’t they let you know up front so you can avoid those courses).

A bachelor’s degree is worth more than an Associate’s due to the added courses and concentrations that need to be taken, so yes, it will look better, and by doing it 2+2, you will save money and come out with the same education as if you had spent all 4 years at a 4 year school.

Tom Said,
March 7th, 2011 @3:27 am  

Steve D hit the nail on the head. I got both my associate degree and bachelor’s in the same career. He’s very right about transfering credits. Since you know what you wanna do (graphic design) and if you know what college you are determined to go to.. stay in contact w/ that university and make sure that your credits @ CC will transfer. That was the only thing i found to be a pain was making sure the classes I took at Community college matched and transfered to my university. Other than that it was a great choice to make.

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