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Richard Said,
July 20th, 2010 @1:21 am  

Check out Ashford University. They will take up to 96 credit hours from another college, there are no proctored exams, the time that you log on is up to you (within reason), and they are regionally accredited so they are recognized and accepted by anyone.

bluegoat114 Said,
July 20th, 2010 @2:08 am
Here is the link to search on any college/university you might consider, to ensure it is accredited (do not decide just based on college’s webpage…there are many levels of accreditation…but it must be accredited by US Dept of Education). Your best bet is to check with colleges in your state (in-state tuition) that have a physical campus. Most colleges offer on-line classes. Do not spend your time on a degree that is not recognized. Good luck to you! (college prof)

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